Cash loan ranking – January 2018

Bank is the winner of the January 2018 cash loan ranking

Out Banks came first on our list. This institution is extremely popular among clients. The bank’s offer helps to implement even the most daring plans. You can get up to PLN 50,000 with low interest rates from Estonian Out Banks. Although the lender’s stationary branches are located only in Estonia, Germany, Austria and Latvia, you will receive cash from Out Banks from every corner of Poland. All applications are completed online and the money goes to your account immediately. Just register on the institution’s website.

Mobile Sumagi Bank and PKO BP are still on the podium

Mobile Sumagi Bank and PKO BP are still on the podium

Mobile Banking Services managed by Alios Bank took second place on the podium. For this institution, you can count on a PLN 200,000 cash loan and numerous promotions in connection with having a number in Mobile Sumagi. The commitment made should be settled within 120 months (10 years). It is worth mentioning that this lender does not require income certificates, and cash applications are made online. The initial decision on granting a loan is made very quickly, so you can get the extra cash you need as quickly.

Mini loan from GTO BP maintained a stable third place in our credit ranking. The amount you can borrow must be between PLN 1,000 and 120,000. You can spread your loan repayment up to 96 months with the option of choosing the convenient day to pay the loan installment. For amounts over PLN 24,000, the bank requires an income certificate. The offer is distinguished by the convenience of three-month credit holidays, which are free.

Further positions in the statement of the best cash loans

Further positions in the statement of the best cash loans

Tiges Bank is located near the top of our monthly cash loan ranking, which offers loans to all adults. What’s more, you can borrow up to PLN 30,000 even without your spouse’s consent, which is not standard in every institution. The maximum amount you can reach is PLN 200,000. Tiges Bank distinguishes fast processing of applications and high loan granting.

Out Banks was slightly lower in the list of the best lenders. In the case of this institution, you can count on a commitment ranging from PLN 1,000 to 160,000. The repayment period of up to 8 years. It is also possible to insure the loan taken out. Although the liability at Out Banks is highly interest-bearing (from 8.8 to 10%), regular customers can count on discounts within fees and additional fees.

New year, new expenses – a loan tailored to New Year’s needs

New year, new expenses - a loan tailored to New Year

Both the end of the year and the beginning of the next are associated with increased expenses. If they are planned, it’s easy to control them, it’s harder to control them if they appear unexpectedly. Fortunately, you can count on the help of financial institutions. Currently, the offer of loan companies and banks is tailored to the individual needs of customers. Thanks to the automated online submission system you can easily get financing for emergency expenses.

A free payday payday is a convenient solution. By using the free commitment, you give back exactly what you borrowed. You don’t have such comfort when taking out a loan. However, the undoubted advantage of a bank loan is the possibility of obtaining a higher amount than in the case of payday loans. If you need additional funds, it’s not worth considering. A wide selection of financial services in the banking and non-banking sector will allow you to start the new year without financial problems.

“New Year’s period can be difficult. In addition to numerous provisions related to a healthy lifestyle, there are also those regarding saving or fulfilling dreams. Additional cash in the form of a loan or credit may help you achieve your goals. When choosing a lender, it’s a good idea to use rankings presenting the best offers.